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What is Watch TCM? Everything You Need to Know

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Watch TCM

Watch TCM is one of the most exciting and interactive classic movie experiences, supportable to your Computer, Laptop, iPad, and Android devices. It is a robust streaming service that allows you to the fun by providing random access to the best of Turner Classic Movies, at no contracts, no additional costs.

It is rich in content that gives you a chance to enjoy movies of TCM anytime, anywhere. So let’s enjoy your film.

No matter, where you are, whenever you wish, you can see easily access the movie on TCM portal and as well on the mobile app. It is one of the best ways of watching the classic video on demand basis, where you feel to have. And moreover, it’s free.

As mentioned earlier, there are no additional or hidden charges for using this facility. You can enjoy the new subscription or existing cable connection, and you can view the live broadcast and On Demand movies. It is in two variant like TCM East, and TCM West. With this, you have an excellent choice to see the film at any time. But TCM West is only available through Watch TCM.

Programming and Features of Watch TCM 

Lots of features are available in this facility, some of them ‘the best programming’ and features are mentioned here below:

  1. Two Live Streaming: You can watch two movies live at any time, uncut and commercial free.
  2. Movies on Demand: You can demand your favourite film, and you can view the movie on demand whenever you wish online on your device.
  3. Uncut and Commercial free: Now, there will be no interruption of commercial ads. The videos you will get are uncut and commercial movies; there is no advertisement in between.
  4. Short film: If you are fond of short movies then you can see thousand+ short movies on TCM.
  5. TCM Schedule: TCM provides an interactive schedule for two months. So you can make the play for viewing TCM movies on your time.
  6. Notification: if you want to get the updates from TCM, such as what’s the latest about TCM schedule and movies; for this, you can subscribe to Movie Stars, and get an update.
  7. Watchlist: This is one of the best options. If you want to view the movie later, then you can add in the queue.
  8. Unlimited Movies: If you don’t know about it, then I would like to tell you that TCM has one of the most extensive libraries of videos of any service.
  9. Photo galleries: You will get unseen images of Hollywood, some of them are like never seen before, globally.
  10. Social Sharing: You can also share images and other content via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.
  11. Support: if you have any issue related to watching TCM, then TCM support team will help you. Or you can contact technical support via TCM mobile app for this facility.
  12. Search: you can search whatever you want to, like movies, star casts, clips, trailer etc.
  13. Shop: If you do like any movie or video then you can order it from movie pages directly. TCM provides online DVD selling, too.

How will use it?

If you want to get it through the cable TV or satellite provider, then you can have it, but you should ensure that you have anyone with you as a TV service provider. 100+ TV service providers are available on the TCM website, you can contact any of them.

If you are using this facility through any web browser, then you should require the Flash player 11.1 (or higher).


  1. Go to this link- http://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/help/?ecid=subnavwhatiswatchtcm
  2. Click On any movie, will ask you to Sign-in.
  3. Select your TV service provider.
  4. After then, Sign-in with credential information.
  5. Start watching

How they provide On-Demand Facility?

It provides movie and TV shows on demand, in which you will get the feature of pause, fast-forwarded, rewind, etc. and you can add watch-list to watch later. But make sure that your demand should be approved within a week. After seven days they air on Watch TCM.

Check, also monthly highlight: http://www.tcm.com/this-month/?ecid=subnavmonthhighlights

How Do I watch on Mobile? It also provides a mobile app named Watch TCM app. It is available on the play store and iTunes. So, you can download the app for iPhone and Android from there, and you can enjoy with existing cable connection.

If you want to further information then Check it- Watch Turner Classic Movies On TCM Mobile App

I hope this article has helped you to understand, what the watch TCM is and what they are providing. Thanks for reading. Please share it.

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