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How to Keep Your Favorite TCM Movies for Lifetime?

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TCM Movie

TCM is a popular streaming service that provides access to the best of Turner Classic Movies. You can enjoy them at no additional costs on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

To stream TCM films, you need a fast and unlimited Internet connection. Unfortunately, there is no option to save the movies on a PC for further offline watching on a mobile device while traveling or waiting in a queue. Thus if you want to save TCM movies or videos on your PC, you will need to record them while watching.

Recording online videos is a more difficult task than downloading regular video from YouTube. Let’s see what tools you can use to record streaming video to a computer.

VLC Media Player

A VLC media player can play and record streaming video. It is also a good default player for Windows and MAC computers since it reads the majority of video formats. The software is completely free to use.

  • To start capturing a TCM movies in VLC:
  • Install the software on your computer.
  • Click the “Media” tab and select the “Open Network Stream” option from the drop-down list, or press Ctrl + N.
  • Enter the address of the video that you want to save in the “Enter the network URL” field, and the movie will begin to play.
  • Then click the View tab and mark the Advanced Controls option. An additional row of buttons for video recording will appear above the usual controls.
  • Click on the “Record” button.

You can download VLC at videolan.org.

Download Master

Another free program for recording streaming video is Download Master. It can download videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Break, and many other websites.

  • Download the Download Master program and install on your computer.
  • To start downloading with Download Master, follow the steps below:
  • Click the “Add” button in the upper left corner of the program.
  • Insert a link to the streaming video and select the folder for your TCM movies.
  • Click the “Start Download” button.

There is one serious drawback of this tool. The Download Master program downloads video separately from the audio track. To add the sound to add the video, you can use Freemake software that will be described below.

Download Master at westbyte.com


To download streaming video from websites in one click, use DMBar plugin for Firefox.

When you open a page with a video that you want to download, a DMBar button will appear in the Firefox bar. To activate it, you will need to start playing the video.


FlashGot is another add-on for the Firefox browser that can be used to capture the video and audio streams playing in Firefox. That’s how you can do it:

  • Install the FlashGot plugin from Mozilla add-ons store.
  • Open the page with a TCM movie.
  • Launch the video. You can start downloading right away or pause the download for some time.
  • Press Ctrl + F7.
  • The download window will open.
  • Save the file on your PC.

Extract video from cache

The browser caches video in computer memory. These files can be “pulled out” from the system folder. Each browser has a different path to the cache folder, so it’s easier to use a special program to find them. For example, VideoCacheView. Download the tool from nirsoft.net and run it on your PC. It will scan the system and find the video from the cache that you’ve recently watched. You can keep it as is or convert to an appropriate format.

Screen Capture

There are many programs for recording video from the screen with sound: Fraps, Snagit, Bandicam, etc.

Let’s see how you can record a video with Snagit as it is easy to set up. The software is not free though. The single license will cost $49.95. For this sum, you will get a great screen recorder, screenshot maker and photo editor. If you decide to buy this tool, check the steps to record a video with Snagit.

  • Download and run the program.
  • Click on the “Video” to the left of the red record button.
  • Select the size of the image capture area and drag it to the desired location using the icon in the center.
  • Start playing the video.
  • Click the REC button.
  • To stop the video recording, press the F10 button.

At the end of the recording, the program will offer to preview the file, edit it or save the video as is.

Download Snagit at techsmith.com.

Most of these screen recording tools save TCM movies in AVI format with a high fps. It means that your AVI movies will occupy too much space on a hard drive and your portable gadget. Besides that, the majority of popular smartphones and tablets require an MP4 format for videos. Taking into consideration, these two moments, you can see that it’s better to convert AVI to MP4.

Thus you will save place on your hard drive and get a video file supported by mobile devices. You can use free Freemake tool for this scope. Download and install Freemake software on your Windows-based PC. Launch the software and click “+Video” to add your offline AVI film. Alternatively, you can drag-n-drop it. In case, you need to perform simple video editing, click on the scissors to open the editor and make changes to your file.

Then select an output video format for your AVI movie. If you want to watch it on a smartphone or tablet, choose the MP4 extension.  In a new window, select quality for your media and click the “Convert” blue button to run the encoding process.

After that, transfer the ready offline TCM movie to your phone or tablet.


TCM website may not support all possible video recording methods. Therefore, if one way does not work, try another.  Please keep in mind that you need a powerful machine to capture online movies. Not every computer can record high-quality video.

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