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Is UFC bigger than WWE? Everything You Need to Know

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is UFC is bigger than WWE.

Hello, Friends! I am going to share some facts about Is UFC bigger than WWE or not, because most of the people is confused about it, and looking for the best answer. Let’s move on topics,  In one hand we have UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), and in another hand, we have WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Both have the similarity of being a platform where professional fighters showcase their combat skills.

Is UFC is bigger than WWE?

The fans of the two sports often show passionately praise the show of their choice and more than usually end up in a battle in deciding which is better than the other. Everyone knows about UFC, it is older than WWE. but WWE has the huge fan following in the world.

The business model’s the same. It’s identical, Said Lesnar.

Also Financially, WWE is bigger than the UFC. But question is that is UFC bigger than WWE or not. both are entertaining. one is called fighting, other is called Wrestling. This discussion, however, reaches the finish line with an unsatisfactory conclusion. Here, we are going to try to figure out, if UFC or WWE has the upper hand over the other.

The Perception of the Fans

The fans who like either UFC or WWE have a ready perception about the two sports. While most people have an opinion that UFC is the real fight.

WWE is often seen as a sport which is a scripted show. In such a case the comparison between the two becomes even more difficult because one is the real deal while the other is made to fit the likings of the audience.

The Fighting Techniques

When it comes down to fighting techniques, the two shows vary significantly from one another. UFC fighters are trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters. It means the warriors of the show are specialized in the form of martial arts like boxing, jiu-jitsu, karate, wrestling, and judo.

While WWE wrestlers as the name suggests are ace wrestlers. So, the fighting technique employed by the two shows is not the same. This makes for another problematic point contributing to the trouble of deciding, which one is better.

The Popularity

UFC is younger than WWE. WWE has had the privilege to reign almost three decades in the hearts of people. UFC though founded in the 1990s wasn’t that popularized and was not made available to different countries like WWE.

This drawback in its promotion and availability previously did hold it back from becoming a worldwide phenomenon. UFC’s TV deal and later its expansion to Asia, Australia and Europe made it as big as WWE in the popularity front, although without any doubt WWE enjoys much more popular than that of UFC.

The Worth of the Two Businesses

Both UFC and WWE operate in somewhat of the same business model generating revenue from significant events, cable TV, and pay-per-view. UFC’s late start in the popularity index also made it suffer till a few years back regarding the business’s net worth.

But, the sale of the company for 4.2 billion to William Morris Endeavor in 2016 buried the hatchet regarding the worthiness of UFC in the present day. UFC after getting its well-deserved exposure to the world audience has successfully generated in revenue $600 million coming very near to $700 million revenue made by WWE.

The Fighters

There is no doubt in the fact that whether it is professional wrestling or MMA fighting, each form requires hard work, grueling training, and dedication. Only the strongest survive in the wrestling. But it has been seen that WWE stars have enjoyed more stardom than those of the UFC fighters.

One reason is that WWE stars like Dwayne Johnson, Hulk Hogan, and John Cena have acted in Hollywood movies. This has further led to the popularity of the wrestling sport. It is just recently that UFC star like Ronda Rousey and Quinton Jackson’s reputation is gaining traction.

The Entertainment Quotient

When it comes to the entertainment quotient, it is apparent that WWE is slightly leading in the race than UFC. This is mainly because while UFC mostly focuses on the real fighting aspect, WWE provides the full entertainment package by adding some drama and storyline to the fights.

When some story and reason is associated with each fight, people are seen to be much more invested in them; this gives WWE an advantage over UFC as it provides even casual watchers something to be hooked on to.


We can only conclude from the above discussion that finding one better than the other solely depends on the personal preference of the viewers. While some value the pure fighting nature and varied fighting skills in the ring like in the case of UFC. There is also a section of the population which enjoys the spicy dramas which WWE offers the fights.

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