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Brief History of WWE US Championship (1975-2018)

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WWE US champions

The title was built up in 1975 as the elite NWA United States Heavyweight Championship of the Mid-Atlantic regions, all the more particularly Jim Crockett Promotions. At the time, the NWA didn’t perceive a sole victor because of each area having their own particular United States title.

In January 1981, the title turned into the undisputed NWA United States Championship when the last remaining area to recognize their own belt shut down.

Ted Turner at that point purchased JCP and WCW in 1988, and when WCW formally pulled back from the NWA, they took the title with them. The title was then renamed to the WCW United States Championship subsequently.

In March 2001, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) acquired WCW. As a major aspect of the buy, the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship progressed toward becoming WWF property and amid the Invasion, it was guarded and alluded to as the WCW United States Championship on WWF.

During Survivor Series, a champion vs champions match was arranged between the then-WCW United States Champion Edge defeated then-WWF Intercontinental Champion Test, Which edge won and converted the US title into the new Intercontinental Champion. The United States Championship was then removed.

In July 2003, then WWF, now WWE, brought back the title and renamed it the WWE United States Championship. The title was selective to the SmackDown at first, however, has bounced around both Raw and SmackDown because of the yearly draft.

In 2015, August at SummerSlam, at that point United States Champion John Cena confronted then-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in a title-for-title match, which Rollins at last won to end up the first wrestler to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship all the while. Rollins held the two titles until the point when Cena crushed Rollins in his rematch for the title at Night of Champions the next month.

The United States Championship has been in a stale place lately. Different title holders have developed however the belt has been deficient with regards to hugeness. While Dean Ambrose could sort out an undisputed 351 title run, the title still felt out of date until recently.

The latest holder of the title is Shinsuke Nakamura who is won the title on 15th July when he defeated Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules. This was Nakamura first win at the main blow that too by a low blow on Jeff Hardy.

Some facts about the US Championship Belt –

There have been 92 distinct champions, with Ric Flair having the most rules at six.

First since forever US champion –

Harley Race was granted the title to end up the principal National Wrestling Alliance United States Champion of the Mid-Atlantic domains. To clarify Race being champion, the NWA reported that he had vanquished Johnny Weaver in a match.

Shortest reign – Steve Austin held the title for around five minutes and also hold the record for the shortest reign.

Longest reign –

Luger’s third U.S title win ended up being his longest, as well as the longest United States Championship rule ever. Luger crushed Michael Hayes to win the title back in May of 1989. His reign ended after 17 months after he lost to Stan Hansen at Halloween Havoc 1990.

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