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Benefits of Cannabis in Pain Management

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There has been a lot of research on cannabis, its derivatives and potential effects on people in the past few years. Even so, it is a substance that is surrounded by a fair share of controversies. Despite these controversies, marijuana is continually being prescribed by medical professionals for pain management.

Marijuana along with many other substances with potential for abuse have been identified as being beneficial for pain management. So why exactly is marijuana the only drug out of all the rest that doctors are now relying on?

The notion of having a medical treatment with maximum effect and minimal risk is one which medical researchers have been looking for. For common pains such as headaches, muscle pains, etc. which are usually caused by the desk-oriented and indoor lives that we lead on a day to day basis. Science has been exploring the use of cannabis in this regard for quite some time.

Potential of Success

The Foods and Drugs Association of the United States has been quite active in propagating cannabis as a drug which is illegal under any circumstances. Its future in the medicinal industry, however, can be very different as can be concluded from a survey by Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2014.

The report of the survey suggested that among the 95 people who use cannabis as a form of medicine, Cannabis indica helps with pain management while sativa is more helpful as a mood uplifting mechanism.

Studies have also shown that some people are inclined towards using cannabis as a treatment for HIV, although there is no credible evidence that suggests how well it works.

So users have stated that a few puffs from a joint can be good for muscle pains and treating nausea. This article will go on to discuss the widely known benefits of cannabis for this purpose. These factors will help you in making a holistic decision when you order online medical marijuana for pain relief.

Arthritis Relief

Sativex is a Cannabinoid-based pain relieving medicine which was prescribed to some patients under observation in 2011. It was noted that the patients reported a considerable decrease in the joint pain they were suffering through arthritis.

What is important to note here is that cannabis is not being taken in directly by the body. Therefore, the lightheadedness and the side effects which come along with taking it indirectly as smoke can be countered to a significant degree.

Anxiety Relief

At Harvard University, researchers were able to come to the conclusion that anxiety is strongly linked to pains caused by diseases and aches. The use of Cannabis for medical purposes has a lot to do with the effect it has on the mental health of the person in question.

By consuming cannabis, the feeling of easiness and the relaxation that comes with it goes a long way in ensuring that the pain is subsided. The body is naturally inclined towards focusing on an area where the pain is accumulating, which goes on to amplify the degree of hurt that the pain is causing. Once you can get your mind diverted from that, the position of the pain for that period can become better and help you sleep better at night.

After the effects of Chemo

Chemotherapy is one way of defeating the deadly threat which is posed by cancer, but it does not come without a price. In the aftermath of the treatment, the patient is likely to suffer from vomiting, severe pains in the regions exposed to the rays, and heavy feeling inside their stomachs.

At this time cannabis plays a vital role in relieving the pain of the patient by simply alleviating the mental strain the therapy has on the patient, making it subside to a considerable degree. It can be given the form of tablets as well.

Dealing with Muscular Contractions

Diseases such as myoclonus diaphragmatic flutter, which causes severe muscular contractions in the diaphragm, can make it difficult to breathe and put stress on your body beyond a certain degree. The major reason is the risk of the rib cage and the organs coming in contact, which can be very deadly if some form of a piercing occurs.

While strong medications may or may not do the charm, the ability of medical marijuana to make an individual forget about the despair associated with the pain in the body makes it a better alternative. It is to be noted that in countries where the use of cannabis is explicit, these researches cannot be carried out.

Assist in the treatment of hepatitis C

The treatment for hepatitis C is not exactly free from physical pains. It can be termed as the exact opposite because the spiritual burden of having the disease combined the immediate aftermaths of treatment including nausea and fatigue can be quite difficult to deal with.

According to the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 54% of the people who have been treated with cannabis in place of the conventional pain-relief medicines have also shown a positive development.

The negative effects of treating hepatitis C can last for up to two months and sometimes even more than that. A major problem this causes is forcing people to drop off their course routine early because it is too painful for them to handle and at one point the side effects consume the body. However, in order to ensure that the pains do not pile up again, cannabis is used to serve as a mediator.


The benefits of Cannabis mentioned in this article are centered around pain management and mainly on the physical impact that it can have. While most of these impacts cannot be proven in a scientific environment easily, cannabis is a way people have found to enjoy and relieve their accumulated pains.

These benefits can extend out to a number of other diseases, but when the pain in the muscles tones down due to the cannabis, it automatically helps lift spirits.

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