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Why AJ Styles is Considered as the Best WWE Wrestler in the World?

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AJ Styles

AJ Styles is undoubtedly a real performer in the whole WWE fraternity, but the biggest question is he the best WWE wrestler in the world? Yes, there are many big names that you cannot forget who had done miracles in the ring of WWE. No one can forget the name of WWE superstars like Kane, Undertaker, the Great Khali, The Rock, and many others.

But before answering this biggest question of today, let us acquaint with the background of AJ Styles. Many of use may not know the AJ Styles original name is Allan Neal Jones and he hailed from a very underprivileged family.

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He was so sick that he did not even have a television at his home. But he was determined to do something in life and had a massive crash on wrestling.

So, decided to take up amateur wrestling forty years ago, and today everybody in WWE fraternity considering him to be the best wrestler in the world. There are several reasons for believing him to be one of the best, and some of the reasons are:

Why is AJ Styles the Best WWE Wrestler in the World?

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  • AJ Styles was awarded NCW television title within a year after he debuted on National Championship Wrestling.
  • AJ Styles is always a top notch in his entire career, and he has already defeated all the best WWE wrestlers in the WWE world.
  • AJ Styles has already owned more than twenty championships and have always captured the gold metal belt every time he participated.
  • The best thing with AJ Styles is that he is very humble and always respects the feelings of his fans. Despite his phenomenal success, he is very humble and down to earth. He has always taken out time to speak with his fans so that respected their feelings to make them feel special. In the WWE fraternity, it is essential to have a great connection with fans and AJ possesses that quality.
  • AJ Styles also has an outstanding reputation among his peers. If you ask any WWE wrestler about him, they will say only the best thing about him. In fact, nine wrestlers out of 10 will like to work with him, and this shows his dedication and professionalism towards the whole wrestling world.
  • AJ Styles has a big heart and being held by a low-income family he had never forget about his strict upbringings. He has always supported the unprivileged section of the society and helped the people who are suffering from critical illness. He has made him a role model in many parts of the community.
  • In WWE, it is essential to take the risk. AJ Styles is a gifted high flyer, and he is never afraid to take risks, and in most of the match, it is seen that he takes top rope plench to win the most desperate game which dazzles the audience.


AJ Style is the best in counter-attack. He is the only WWE wrestler who knows seven ways to counter attack his opponents.

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These are some reasons why AJ Styles has been considered as the best WWE wrestler in the world. It is true that AJ Styles may not be the all-time best wrestler, but he is undoubtedly the best WWE wrestler in the present WWE world.

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